Barrackpore Court Advocate List 2022

Are you looking for a list of advocates in Barrackpore court? here on this page, you can find the best lawyers in Barrackpore court. You can contact them on the Phone to consult any problems.

Name: SANJIT KUMAR MANDAL ( best divorce lawyer in barrackpore court )

Specialization: Administrative Law, Divorce, Agreements, Sale Deed, Partnership Deed, Will, Title Suit, Mat Suit, Land Disputes, Banking, Child Custody, Civil Litigation, Civil Rights, Sexual Harassment, Social Security,

Bio: I have completed my B.A.LL.B from Calcutta University with a First Class grade & practicing in Calcutta High Court, Alipore Judges Court, Barasat Court, Barrackpore Court, Sealdah Court, Bidhannagar Court, Krishnanagar Court.

Experience: 4 Years

Case covered: Mutual Divorce, 498, Maintainance of Wife, Landlord/Tenant disputes, Title suit, etc.

Phone No : (9093808300)



Specialization: Tax, GST, IT Return, Property Matter, Company Matters, Business Litigation, Company, Writ, Service, Registered Agreements, Sale Deed, Partnership Deed, Will

Bio: LL.B Graduated From CU and practicing since 2006 in Taxation Tribunals, Barrackpore Court, Barasat Court, Sealdah Court, and various courts & departments

Experience: 16 Years

Case covered: Income Tax Return, Goods and Service Tax, Company Matters, etc.

Phone No : (8276900140)


Specialization: Income Tax, Goods & Service Tax,Bankruptcy-Creditors,Bankruptcy-Debtor,Copyright,Corporation,Partnership,Divorce/Domestic Relations,Finance,Immigration

Bio: I have done my Graduation in Law From Calcutta University and practicing since 2005 in Taxation Tribunal, Bidhannagar, and various courts & departments in West Bengal.

Experience: 17 Years

Case covered: Company Matters, IT Returns, Property Disputes, Revenue, GST, etc.

Phone No : (9230541339)

Barrackpore court advocates list, advocates in Barrackpore.

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How to find the best Advocates In Barrackpore Court?
Please go through the list and the specialization of each advocate to find the best one suitable for your problems. Consult with them to find out who can do it better for you.
Are there any divorce lawyers in Barackpore court?
Yes, there are a few family lawyers practicing in the Barrackpore court, Please check the list and find out.

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