KALYANI DIAGNOSTIC & DOCTOR’S CLINIC ( Doctors List and Booking Procedure)


Kalyani Medical Doctors list and Booking Procedure.


Mobile Number for Booking : [MOB : 9432493729]

Doctors NameDeegree & QualificationSpecilizationDAYTime
DR. Prof. Dilip KarmarMS., MCh(Uro)UrologistSunday10:00 a.m
DR. NILANJAN MITRAMBBS(Hons), MS(Gen Surgeon) MCH(Urology),
FMAS, Consultant Urologist & Laparoscopy Surgeon
UrologistWednesday8.00 p.m
DR. Som Subhra Chatterjee
MD., Consultant Neuro PsychiatristNeuro & PsychiatristThursday10.00 a.m
DR. A.K DuttaMD(General Medicine) MRCP II(UK) DM NEURONeurologistSaturday7:00 a.m
DR. Ashok Kumar AcharyaM.S., MCH (NEURO) Attached to R.G Kar
Medical Collage & Hospital
NeurologistFriday5:00 a.m
DR. Pinaki RoyMBBS(Gold Medalist), MD(Medicine), DM(Gastro)
Consultant Gastro Entrologist & Hepatologist
Gastro Entrologist
& Hepatologist
1ST & 3RD Tuesday5:30 p.m
DR. Sarmistha MukherjeeMD,DNB(Internal Medicine), DM(Endrocrinology)Sugar & Thyroad SpecialistSaturday3:30 p.m
DR. S. Saha MBBS,MS (E.N.T)E.N.T SurgeonTuesday
7:30 p.m
DR. Pranabashish BanerjeeMBBS(Gold Medalist), MS (Gold Medalist), MIRCS(London)E.N.T SurgeonSunday
6:00 p.m
7:00 p.m
9:30 p.m
DR. Siddhartha NandiM.B.B.S., M.D. (Paediatricks),Attached With R.G Kar Medical Collage And Hospitals,(Senior Registrar), EX-Woodiands Multi- Speciality Hospital, Kolkata
Consultant Child SpecialistEveryday7:30 p.m
DR. Priyanka GhoshMBBS(Hons). MD(Chest Medicine)Cal,
DNB(Respiratory Medicine) Delhi,
Consultant Pulmo & Bronchoscopist)
PulmonologistFriday &
5:30 p.m
DR. Ritam GangulyBDS(WBUHS) Oral & Dental SurgeonDental SurgeonEverydayMonday to Friday
(5:00 p.m - 9:00 p.m)
(9:00 a.m - 12 p.m)
DR. Arijit GhoshMD(Med), DM(Cardiology), Attached to AMRI HospitaCardiologySaturday6:30 p.m
DR. Aninda SarkarMD(Med), DM(Cardiology)CardiologyMonday8:00 p.m
DR. Pryam MukherjeeMD(Gold), DM(Cardiology), (IPGMER, KOL,
Consultant Interventional, Attached to Fortis Hospital)
CardiologyTuesday9:30 a.m
DR. Manish SahaMBBS, MD (Med), DM(Cardiology) CardiologySaturday2:00 p.m
DR. Moumita SahaMBBS, MD, (OBG) (AIIMS, New Delhi) DNB (OBG), MNAMS,
Trained in IVI from NUH, Bangalore, Attached to NOVA IVI
Consultant Infertility SpecialistEvery Month's 2nd week3:30 p.m
DR. Rachita BanerjeeM.B.B.S.(cal), D.G.O. (cal), MD.(Cal)Gynecologist/ Laproscopic SurgeonMonday7:00 p.m
DR. C. K. SahaMD, (PGI Chandigarh), Obstetrician & GynecologistGynecologist/ Laproscopic SurgeonSaturday
10:30 a.m
9:00 a.m
DR. R. N. SarkarMBBS(Cal), MD(G&O)(Cal),Attached Biraj Mohini Matri SadanGynecologist/ Laproscopic SurgeonTuesday
6:30 p.m
DR. Sayantan ChattopadhyayM.B.B.S.(HONS)(WBUHS)General PhysicianTuesday
6:00 p.m
6:00 p.m
DR. Santi Kr. ChatterjeeMD(Med), Dipcard, F.C.C.PdayGeneral PhysicianMonday & Thursday6:00 p.m
DR. Aditi BhattacharjeeMBBS(Cal), GOLD Medalist, (Special Interest in Child & Oldage)General PhysicianMonday -Saturday10:00 a.m
5:00 p.m
DR. Biplab BiswasM.B.B.S. (Cal), MD (Kol), CCEBDM (Channal), Specialist in Diabetes. Experienced in Stroke & Neurology, Attached with
Bongaon S.D. Hospital & Appollo GleneaglesnHospitals (Kolkata)
General PhysicianWednesday8:00 p.m
DR. Jaydeep Mondal MBBS, MS(Surgery), FMAS, Assistant Professor,
Collage of Medicine And Sagore Dutta Hospital
General SurgeonThursday4:00 p.m
DR. Amitabha BhattacharjeeMBBS, MS(Cal), Consultant General Surgeon,
Attached B. N. Bose Hospital
General SurgeonWednesday5:30 p.m
DR. A. MukherjeeM.S., FMAS, M.B.B.S(Kol), M.S. Surgery(Pune), Asst. Prof.(WBUHS)General SurgeonSaturday5:30 p.m
DR. Torsha HalderMD(Dermo)Skin Specialist/ DermatologistWednesday
11:00 a.m
6:00 p.m
DR. Tamal ChacrabortyMBBS, MD, DVD(Gold Medalist)Skin Specialist/ DermatologistTuesday-
12:30 p.m
6:30 p.m
DR. U. K. RoyMD, Skin(Ex Appolo Hospital)Skin Specialist/ DermatologistSunday5:30 p.m
DR. Karan SanchetiMBBS(Cal), MD(Dermatology), Consultant Dermatologist &
Cosmetologist Formrly Attached To
Calcutta Medical Collage & Hospital
Skin Specialist/ DermatologistSaturday2:00 p.m
DR. S. DasMBBS, D(Ortho) (Cal)Orthopedic & Trauma SurgeonMonday
DR. Gourab ChatterjeeMBBS, DNB (Ortho), Attached to R.G. Kar Medical Collage HospitalOrthopedic & Trauma SurgeonWednesday5:30 p.m
Rajatabha Biswas MBBS, MS(Ortho), Attached to R. G. Kar Medical Collage &
Hospital, kolkata
Orthopedic & Trauma SurgeonFriday
5:00 p.m
10:00 a.m
DR. Dibyendu DasMBBS, MD(Associate Professor)Consultant Physiatrist
& Musculo skeletal Pain Specialist
RheumatologistSaturday4:00 p.m
DR. Oishik Roy MBBS, MD PAEDIATRICS (Gold Medalist) Attached To
medical Collage & Hospital
Consultant Child SpecialistFriday
8:00 p.m

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  1. Gopal Bhowmick

    I ,Shri Gopal Bhowmick aged 64+, am a cardio patient living in Howrah ,Shibpur and was under treat of Dr. Viji Samuel Thompson CMC Bellies since 2019.But due to pandemic situation I couldn’t travel to CMC. This year when I tried to register my name for appointment, I was informed that the said doctor is not available . But due to long gap I was in a hurry for my check up and booked appointment with Dr. Vargese. At present I am continuing with the following medicines. (1)Metrocard 12.5,(2)Ecospirin 75mg, (3)Atrovastanin Stator 20 and Ramcor 1.25mg.Till date I am OK. But anxious for check up. It will be pertinent to say that one stent was implanted in the year 2015 at Bombay J J. Hospital. Sometimes I forget that something as described above happened to me. I practice yoga and swims regularly for 30 minutes.Your valued advice may elongate my existence. I am in a fix doctor.X variant is appearing. I apprehend similar situation may arise.

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