Barrackpore to Krishananagar Train time table

This is a listing of arrival and departure times of all trains passing from Barrackpore [code: BP] to Krishnanagar [code: KNJ] railway stations.

13191Sealdah - Lalgola Passender SpecialBarrackpore00:00Krishnanagar City02:02:00
231811Sealdah - Krishnanagar CityBarrackpore 03:53:00Krishnanagar City 05:48:00
33171Sealdah - Lalgola Passender SpecialBarrackpore 04:14:00Krishnanagar City06:19:00
431813Sealdah - Krishnanagar CityBarrackpore 05:53:00Krishnanagar City 07:42:00
531815Sealdah - Krishnanagar CityBarrackpore06:43:00Krishnanagar City 08:43:00
613113Hazarduari ExpressBarrackpore 07:20:00Krishnanagar City 08:48:00
731817Sealdah - Krishnanagar CityBarrackpore 07:28:00Krishnanagar City09:22:00
831819Sealdah - Krishnanagar City - Lalgola Galloping LocalBarrackpore 08:19:00Krishnanagar City 10:10:00
930145B.B.D Bag - Krishnanagar CityBarrackpore09:16:00Krishnanagar City11:02:00
1031821Sealdah - Krishnanagar City Galloping LocalBarrackpore 10:02:00Krishnanagar City11:50:00
113115Sealdah - Lalgola MEMU SpecialBarrackpore10:56:00Krishnanagar City12:34:00
1231825Sealdah - Krishnanagar City LocalBarrackpore11:28:00Krishnanagar City13:15:00
1331827Sealdah - Krishnanagar City LocalBarrackpore 12:38:00Krishnanagar City 14:26:00
143183Sealdah - Lalgola Passender SpecialBarrackpore 13:09:00Krishnanagar City 15:13:00
1531829Sealdah - Krishnanagar City LocalBarrackpore 13:49:00Krishnanagar City 15:35:00
163193Kolkata - Lalgola MEMU SpecialBarrackpore 14:39:00Krishnanagar City 16:23:00
1731831Sealdah - Krishnanagar City LocalBarrackpore 15:58:00Krishnanagar City 17:50:00
1831833Sealdah - Krishnanagar Ciry Matribhoomi Ladies SpecialBarrackpore 16:43:00Krishnanagar City 18:35:00
1931801Sealdah - Krishnanagar Ciry Matribhoomi Ladies SpecialBarrackpore 17:44:00Krishnanagar City 19:29:00
2031835Sealdah - Krishnanagar City Galloping LocalBarrackpore 18:03:00Krishnanagar City 19:49:00
2131837Sealdah - Krishnanagar City Galloping LocalBarrackpore 19:10:00Krishnanagar City20:59:00
223195Sealdah - Lalgola MEMU SpecialBarrackpore19:51:00Krishnanagar City 21:30:00
2331941Sealdah - Krishnanagar City LocalBarrackpore20:08:00Krishnanagar City21:57:00
243197Sealdah - Lalgola MEMU SpecialBarrackpore20:50:00Krishnanagar City 22:25:00
2531843Sealdah - Krishnanagar City LocalBarrackpore 21:33:00Krishnanagar City 23:22:00

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