December 11, 2020

Barrackpore Visalya Specility Clinic ( Doctors List and Phone Number)

Visalya Specility Clinic ( Barrackpore )

Contact- 7044598152 / 9830410364

List Of Doctors :

Doctors NameQualificationSpecalizationTiming
Dr. Priyanka GhoshM.B.B.S., MD (Medicine),DNB(Respiratory Medicine)Chest/Respiration/MedicineThursday- 5 PM
Prof. (Dr.) Swapan KunduM.B.B.S., DGO,MD, FICOGGynaecology & Obst.Mon - Sat 7 PM
Dr. Susanta PaulM.B.B.S., DGO, MDGynaecology & Obst. /
Infertility Once Gynaecology
Mon - 7 PM
Dr. Dibyendu GiriM.B.B.S., DLO (Cal)ENT Specialist & SurgeonTue, Thus,Sat - 9 PM
Dr. Anupam DasM.B.B.S., MD ( Dermatologist)Skin SpecialistMon- 7 PM
Dr. Amitava MukherjeeM.B.B.S., M.Ch(Urology)Urology4th Thursday of every Month 2 PM
Dr. Debabrata RoyM.B.B.S., MD, FACC (USA)MedicineMon, Wed, Thursday -9 PM
Tuesday- 9 AM
Sunday- 7 PM
Dr. Manish SahaM.B.B.S., MDMedicineSunday- 9 AM
Dr. Kaushik PaulM.B.B.S., MD, DM( Cardio)CardiologyBy Appointment
Dr. Gautam DasM.B.B.S., DPM,DM (Med.),MD (Neuro)Neuro MedicineEvery Tues & Thursday 6 PM
Prof. (Dr.) Mriganka GhoshM.B.B.S., MS ( General Surgeon )Laparoscopy SurgeonBy Appointment
Dr. Arpon SahaM.B.B.S., MD (Paediatric)PaediatricMon & Saturday 8 AM & 5 PM
Dr. Soumyadeep Dutta RoyM.B.B.S., MS (Orthopaedic)OrthopaedicEveryday By Appointment
Dr. Sagnik RoyM.B.B.S., MS (Orthopaedic)OrthopaedicSunday- 12 Noon


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