Disha Eye Hospital Barrackpore( Booking + Doctors list + Fees)

Disha eye hospital phone number :

For Appointment – 03366360000 (8 Am To 6 Pm)
SMS – 9433311111
TPA Help Desk – (033) 64606560
E-Mail – Dishaeyehospitals@Gmail.Com

Disha eye hospital appointment Procedure:

Disha eye hospital fees:

Cataract Surgery Packages
SICS with Export Quality Oil4500
SICS with Abbott Sensar SP13500
PHACO with Indian Hydrophilic/ Hydrophobic Foldable IOL (Supraphob)7500
PHACO with Export Quality Hydrophobic IOL(Acriol)9000
PHACO with Imported Hydrophobic J&J Sensar MP12500
PHACO with Hydrophobic J&J Sensar SP15000
PHACO with Hydrophobic Acrysof MP IOL17500
PHACO with Acriol Toric (Indian)18000
PHACO with Hydrophobic Aspheric Tecnis 119900
PHACO with Hydrophobic Alcon Acrysof SP IO21000
PHACO with Ultima Smar Toric ( Indian)22000-45000
PHACO with Hydrophobic Aspheric Alcon Acrysert / Acrysof IQ IOL23000
PHACO with Micro Incision Cataract Surgery (MICS) Ultrasert with Viscoat26000
PHACO with Tecnis Toric IOL26000
PHACO with Hydrophobic Aspheric Tecnis Eyhance IOL28000
PHACO with Micro Incision Cataract Surgery (MICS) with Propack30000
PHACO with Trifocal Hydrophobic MICL (Indian)30000
PHACO with Alcon Toric IOL33000
PHACO with Presbyopic Correcting Restor/Multifocal IOL50000
PHACO with Symfony IOL (EDOF)50000
PHACO with Symfony Toric IOL (EDOF)60000
PHACO with Trifocal Pan Optix IOL65000
PHACO with Presbyopic Correcting Toric IOL Restor/Pan Optix75000
FEMTO Laser with Tecnis39500
FEMTO Laser with Tecnis Eyhance42000
FEMTO Laser with Symfony67000
FEMTO Laser with Symfony Toric IOL77000
FEMTO Laser with Pan Optix IOL82000
FEMTO Laser with Pan Optix Toric IOL92000
Other SurgeryCharges
Glaucoma Surgery8000
Pediatric Glaucoma Surgery (GA) (Single Eye/ Both Eyes)6500/11000
Pterygium with CLAG (or glue)6000/12000
Retinal SurgeryCharges Varies
Corneal SurgeryCharges Varies
Squint Surgery for Children/Adult11000/18000
LASIK (Single Eye/ Both Eye)20000/30000
Contoura LASIK25000/40000
FEMTO LASIK40000/75000
ASP (Both Eyes)250
Auto Fluorescence400
CCT (Central Corneal Thickness )100
DFP (Disk)250
Digital FFA/DFA (Both Eyes)1500
ERG & EOG3500
HVF/AP (AT + Gonio)400 + 100
Lipi Flow12500
Lipi View600(SE)/900(BE)
OCT-Angio (Single Eye/ Both Eyes)2000/2500
OCT Retina (Single Eye/Both Eyes)300/500
OCT Glaucoma (Macula/RNFL/GCC) (Single Eye/Both Eyes)250/500
Oculyzer/Pentacam (Both Eyes)1000
Ophthalmic B-Scan400/600
OPTOS ( Both Eyes)300
Retinal Laser (Per Sitting)2500
Specular Microscopy (Each Eye)250
USG (Single Eye/Both Eyes)600/400
YAG Cap (Each Eye)1000
YAG PI Glaucoma (Single Eye/Both Eyes)800/1500

Disha eye hospital doctor list:

Doctors NameQualificationSpecialization
Dr. Abhijit BandhopadhayMSCataract, Pediatric, & Oculoplasty
Dr. Aditya PradhanDNBCataract & Cornea
Dr. Ananya ChatterjeeMSCataract & Cornea
Dr. Arijit MitraDO, DNBCataract & Glaucoma
Dr. Arnab DasMD, DNBRetina
Dr. Arpita BhattacharyaMSGlaucoma & Comprehensive Oph.
Dr. Arup BhaumikMSCataract & LASIK
Dr. Ashmita SahaDNBCataract & Vitreo Retina
Dr. Ayan MohantaMSCataract & LASIK
Dr. Bhaskar BhattacharyaDOCataract & LASIK
Dr. Debarpita ChaudhuryDO, DNBCataract & Pediatric
Dr. Debasish BhattacharyaMSCataract
Dr. Joyeeta DasDNBOculoplasty & Comprehensive Oph.
Dr. Khushboo ChandraMSRetina
Dr. Kshitiz KumarMS, FRCSRetina
Dr. Manas K. GhoshMSCataract & Glaucoma
Dr. Mrinmayee GhatakDO, MSCornea & Comprehensive Oph.
Dr. Mrinmoy DasMSCataract, Cornea & LASIK
Dr. Neeta Bhadra PalMSComprehensive Oph.
Dr. Nibedita DasDO, DNBCataract & Cornea
Dr. Rashmi GuptaMSCataract & Cornea
Dr. Ruby MishraMD, DNBCataract, Glaucoma & Neuro Oph.
Dr. Sabita KatochMDCataract, Pediatric, & Oculoplasty
Dr. Samar K. BasakMD, DNB, FRCSCataract & Cornea
Dr. Sanjib BanerjeeDOCataract
Dr. Santanu MandalDO, FRCSRetina
Dr. Santanu MitraMBBSCataract & Oculoplasty
Dr. Shiboprasad PaulDOCataract & Comprehensive Oph.
Dr. Shweta B. MalejanDOMSCataract & Cornea
Dr. Shyamashree SilDNBCataract & Glaucoma
Dr. Soham BasakMSCataract & Cornea
Dr. Somak MazumdarDNBRetina
Dr. Sougata BasuDOMS, FCLLComprehensive Oph.
Dr. Soumen MondalMSRetina
Dr. Subhendu Kr. BoralMD, DNBRetina
Dr. Suchanda SarMSCataract & Glaucoma
Dr. Sumit ChoudhuryDO, MSCataract & Glaucoma
Dr. Sumitro SahaMS, DNBCataract, Retina & Oculoplasty
Dr. Tuhin ChowdhuryMSCataract, Cornea & LASIK
Dr. Tushar K. HazraMSComprehensive Oph.
Dr. Tushar Kanti SinhaMS, DORetina
Dr. Partha Pratim PaulMedical Superintendent


List of Services by Disha Eye Hospital :


  • Cataract
  • Oculoplasty
  • General Eye Check – up
  • Squint
  • Retina / Vitreo Retina
  • Uvea
  • Cornea
  • Pediatric Ophthalmology
  • Glaucoma
  • Trauma & Emergency OPD
  • Lasik / Contoura Lasik
  • Ocular Surface Disorder
  • ICL / IPCL
  • Neuro-ophthalmology


  • YAG Laser
  • Laser for Glaucoma
  • Retinal Laser


  • Microbiology Services
  • Ocular Prosthesis
  • Pharmacy
  • Low Vision Aids
  • Spectacle Shop
  • Eye Bank Services(with 24 hours Eye Collection Facility )
  • Contact Lens
  • Anesthesia


  • A – Scan Biometry
  • Tonometry / AT
  • B-Scan (Opthalmic)
  • Corneal Topography/Oculyzer
  • Keratometry
  • Automated Perimetry / AP
  • Specular Microscopy
  • Digital Fundus Angiography
  • Pachymetry / CCT
  • Indirect Opthalmoscopy
  • Gonioscopy
  • Fundus Photography / OPTOS
  • OCT ( RNFL,Macula)
  • UBM
  • Itrace
  • DFP
  • AS OCT
  • Lipiview


  • Femto Laser Assisted Cataract
  • Bladeless Lasik
  • Ocular Oncology



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    1. Subodh Kumar Sadhu

      I am suffering from eye cataract and needs facco surgery. I am a retd. State govt employee and under wbhs scheme. Please suggest me how can I take treatment from your hospital.

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  2. As per the following symptoms I am in need of a relevant Doctor’s appointment for my father
    Symptoms :
    Left eye canal is blocked . Pus with water is constantly coming from it.
    All fingers and hands are trembling. While speaking the tongue becomes numb.
    I would like to take treatment for the 1st. One.

  3. Sushil Kumar Bhagat

    My wife is 60 years old. She is suffering from eye cataract problems and need a surgery. Please suggest me a suitable name of dr for her.
    I shall oblige of you.

  4. Ashish Bhattacharya

    I am Bangladeshi,pls help me .

    My operation had been completed in your Disha eye hospital and research center at Barrackpore by Dr. Tushar Kanti Sinha since 2011.
    Now i want to meet him again.
    Is Dr. T.K. sinha available all days?
    Let me know when he will available or not?

  5. My wife have xanthelasma.Will it treat and surgery done at your centre. If yes,then send it’s appointment procedure.


  7. Sarker Shariful Islam and Mst. Monjuara Khatun

    Dear Sir/Madam
    We are Bangladeshi. We want an appointment from an eye-specialist for the treatment of cataract. Is it possible to make an appointment for us both with an eye-specialist from Januray-15 to Jan-25/2023?
    Thanking your

    Sarker Shariful Islam & Mst. Monjuara Khatun

  8. Sarker Shariful Islam and Mst. Monjuara Khatun

    Dear Sir/Madam
    We are Bangladeshi. We want an appointment from an eye-specialist for the treatment of cataract. Is it possible to make an appointment for us both with an eye-specialist from Januray-15 to Jan-25/2023?
    Thanking your

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